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atip ConciergeBot Framework

The atip ConciergeBot Framework is a highly evolved solution to recognize your customers’ intents and needs beginning with a warm welcome ending with a warmer farewell on all channels with a clear focus on voice and chat. Our main objective is to empower your company and your agents to provide excellence in customer experience while operating very cost and resource efficient.

With our ConciergeBot, your customers will be able to naturally and intuitively converse with you as a company while our latest AI technology recognizes their intent, finds the right skill in your company and routes to a right agent, mission bots or any other service. Once in place, ConciergeBot will instantaneously be able to achieve an accuracy in intent recognition of more than 85% of speech and text. After a short operational phase well over 90% can be achieved.

A full announcement service is included in ConciergeBot that allows you to configure any prompts for mass announcements played to the customers, whether as pre-recorded audio or generated via TTS. Fast adaption to unforeseen environmental changes in business is most important. Our ConciergeBot web interface is self-explanatory and is easy to configure with basic skills without involving IT-departments. Changes can be deployed within minutes.

Our solution operates on premise or as a cloud service and is fully integrated into all Genesys solutions allowing leveraging full routing, reporting and agent desktop capabilities.

Facts and figures

  • AHT SDS: up to 60 sec. per contact
  • Availability: 24/7
  • Return on investment: <12 month
  • Hangup rate: avg. <4%
  • Powerfull business solution for a quick start

Add-ons are 

FAQ: Enables to easily deliver ready-made answers or content to simple questions.

ID&V: Identification and verification of customers are most important in many industry sectors (e.g. banking and insurance). Identifying a customer through any identifier such as account no. etc. can discretely be built into the customers’ journey. Verifying any identity can take place e.g. via spoken password, 2nd factor or voice biometrics.

DIY: To be used when the SDS ConciergeBot recognizes the intent, but needs additional information to route. With DIY you are able to create simple dialogs up to more complex disambiguations. E.g. “I lost my card!”. “Are you talking about your credit or loyalty card?”

Explorer: A very intuitive word analyzing tool to identify words and phrases which customers use most commonly. By gaining this information existing intents can be refined, or rising intents and costumer needs can be identified at an early stage.

Monitoring and reporting Tool – KeepTrack

To keep an eye on the performance of the ConciergeBot at all times, you can use our monitoring and reporting tool KeepTrack. With the graphically prepared data, the success rates of the dialog can be analyzed in various levels of detail. The KeepTrack frontend offers you different filter options. The data can be displayed based on time or content (e.g. intention). You can download daily reports as CSV files and analyze them separately.

For optimal insight, the data is constantly updated on the fly – with a maximum time lag of 30 minutes. This allows you to react quickly to changes and make adjustments of the ConciergeBot as needed.

Omni channel Bots

Our self-learning, AI-supported bots enable you to make the most of automation potential on all communication channels with your customers. For example, in call prequalification, order acceptance or data changes. Our Bot solutions contain, among other things, our ConciergeBot, our conclusive MissionBots and our chatbots that you can integrate into your website. 

We offer all services from a single source

Interface design and branding, semantics development, AI training, implementation and quality assurance.
This allows us to achieve targeted consulting, short development times and on-time rollouts. The tangible result is a (cost-)efficient and user-friendly solution for communication with your customers across all channels. Our chat and voice bots recognize the exact concerns of your customers and process them in a fully automated and case-closing manner. Whether on the phone or in chat, our bots forward directly to the right contact person thanks to smart routing. 

Polly – Survey tool for Voice, Web and Chat

Improve the customer experience and ask your customers directly for their opinion. Polly helps you create and manage (target group) surveys in different languages. You can quickly and easily create surveys via the web frontend – DIY “do it yourself” without your IT department.

Polly is omni channel – your customers can participate in your surveys via voice, chat or web form in a browser.

In the web frontend, you can create your survey with just a few clicks and activate or deactivate it at any time with just a click. Even (daily) current information can be entered flexibly – changes become active immediately and without external organizational effort.

Detect trends

To make the most of your survey results and not miss any trends, Polly evaluates the responses in real time. The results are available to you graphically or as a raw data export for download. The free comments of your customers in the voice channel can be transcribed automatically with an additional function. This feature works with AI-based speech-to-text technology. 

With our cloud solution, you save on cost-intensive hardware installation and additional personnel costs. Polly is therefore a cost-effective and flexible way to further improve the service for your customers.

Professional Services and System Integration

We develop solutions for numerous national and international companies that have become established and successful on the market. Individual and flexible support for our customers is particularly important to us. We remain in close contact with our customers and continue to be there for them even after implementation. In addition to technical expertise, we place great value on needs-centered, transparent and reliable project management. We like to use agile methods for this.

Facts and figures

  • Numerous integration projects at large companies
  • More than 20 years expertise
  • Licensed Genesys,Google and Nuance experts

We support you from the very beginning

From planning, conception and design of your project, to implementation and ongoing operation: benefit from fast realization and uncomplicated installation. We offer you further support with detailed documentation, audit support as well as consulting and training. 

We rely on the software of our partner and market leader Genesys, Google and Nuance. This enables us to support you in large integration projects as well as in sub-projects or in sub-project management. Our expertise makes us your partner for successfully integrating software from Genesys into your system landscapes.


Advising you is our passion

We want the optimal solution for you and are happy to share our expertise with you. In the area of infrastructure consulting, we have many years of extensive project experience: Whether Avaya, Genesys, Telekom or other telephony and infrastructure partners – we have the expertise to advise you.

The atip-Voice-User-Interface-Consulting (VUI) enables you to use the potential of existing applications in an optimal way. We support you in getting the maximum cost efficiency, usability and convincing design out of your ACD or IVR. Our skills include the entire AI range of speech understanding and transcription, conversational AI or modern authentication methods.

From as-is analysis, to consulting, to more efficient redesign of the existing application, our VUI Consulting has one goal: to make your voice response system the acoustic flagship of your company.

This includes audio branding, as part of the VUI Consulting process. We accompany you on the way to a corporate sound for your company. Voice, music and sounds round off an efficient interface design.

Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Our atip voice platform has thousands of voice channels that can be used in parallel. It is connected to all well-known telephony & VoIP carriers and the largest German Internet node DE-CIX.

As part of a best-of-breed strategy, we use the best software from internationally recognized companies in each application area. With many years of experience in operating SaaS clusters, we support you with technical expertise in setting up an optimal cloud solution. As IT security is important to us, our cloud is operated from the ISO 27001 certified data center. In addition to projects from our own cloud, we can also assist you with IaaS and PaaS solutions – we are happy to contribute our experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud to your project.

With our robust and fail-safe systems, your data is always GDPR-complaint available to you through 24/7 operation. We also ensure seamless integration with your backend and telephony system – without in-house infrastructure costs. And if something doesn’t run exactly as it should, our 24/7 help desk is there to assist.

Facts and figures

  • ISO 27001 certified data center
  • 24/7 Operation and help desk
  • Thousands of parallel usable voice channels
  • GDPR-complaint

Know what’s what

Our transparent and flexible billing models give you a complete overview of costs. The reporting and monitoring tools of the atip cloud give you full insight into your applications at any time. With the easy handling you can react flexibly even to large load peaks. Constant benchmarking and the staging environments guarantee high-quality solutions and secure rollouts.

Your cloud service is implemented quickly, securely and flexibly. We make this possible for you, thanks to our efficient company structure and the close integration of agile project management and technical expertise.